Goaliath Basketball Return System

October 4, 2013

Goaliath Basketball Return System
Goaliath Basketball Return System Detail

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Goaliath Basketball Return System Description

Great to have around when practicing hoop shots and free throws on your own, the Goaliath Basketball Return System’s mesh netting rolls the ball back to you each time instead of bouncing away to another yard or crushing blooms in the flower garden. Compatible with most in-ground basketball hoop systems, the Goaliath features two heavy-duty anchors that can be filled with either sand or water as well as a safety release that keeps players from getting caught or injured. It weight 5.5 poun…

Get more practice out of every practice session wit the Goalrilla Universal Goal Back. By stopping or returning shots and errant passes, you’ll spend less time retrieving loose balls. This net will also work to prevent damage to property- yours and your neighbors’, which means you never have to hesitate to pull the trigger when you get an open look. This versatile goal back system can be set with the bottom of the net forward to roll balls back into play for shoot-around sessions, or wit…

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Goaliath Basketball Return System