Service Dog Insurance

August 18, 2013

Service dogs are becoming more and more accepted as a way for disabled people to regain some of their independence and abilities. And even recently it has been shown that children with autism can also benefit from having a service dog. Because these types of dogs are so valuable, and so much time has gone into training them, it is important that they are be properly insured.

Finding insurance for your service dog is not very difficult because there are a wide range of companies that offer this type of medical insurance. However because of the nature of the use of this type of dog, the premium might be paid by the organization that has given you this dog.

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In either case you should make sure that this dog has full medical insurance because unlike most other dogs, this dog has had extensive training that makes it almost impossible to replace.

Service Dog Insurance

If you do have to pay for the premium yourself you should ask if you qualify for a discount because most insurance companies will give you a discount for service dogs.

But before looking into a service dog policy yourself contact the organization that trained and gave you that dog to make sure that they are not already paying for a policy on the dog.

Because this dog is so valuable you should make sure it gets comprehensive veterinary care at least twice a year, receive all the recommended vaccinations on schedule, and be on heartworm preventative as well.

Service Dog Insurance

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